Autumn 2014 Studio Resources

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Assignment 1: Analysis
Assignment 2: Precedent Studies
Assignment 3: Napkin Diagrams and Laundry Lists
Assignment 3B: District Framework Concepts
Assignment 4: Site Analysis, Program, and Concept

Washington State Climate Change Element of the 2008 Comprehensive Plan
The President’s Climate Action Plan (White House)
Copenhagen Climate Action Plan
President Obama addresses climate change
Rethinking Streets

Videos of street design in process
Olafur Eliasson exhibit at Louisiana Museum (design boom)
9 Cities That Are Hacking Their Urban Waterfronts (architizer)
New BIG-Designed Neighborhood to Activate Aarhus’ Waterfront (arch daily)
Cutting it close: Seattle agreement not yet finalized as waterfront closure nears (crosscut)
Elliott Bay Seawall Construction Update (9/25/2014)
Waterfront park design needs a dose of reality (crosscut)

Food for Thought
Copenhagen – a city of kids (COBE)
“The wall is a communication tool”
1947 Finger Plan – “The Hand is becoming obese” (Rune, COBE)
Stormwater Boulevards (Lykke Leonardsen, City of Copenhagen)
Nature Value = the value that nature creates (Tredje Natur)
Stern Review: The Economics of Climate Change (mentioned by Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson in Malmö)
Figure out who your heroes are and learn their lessons. (Jim, Eastern Cemetery – Östra kyrkogården, Malmö)