2013 PSPL – University District: Urban Play

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” – Plato


Our studio focus is to imagine and propose a University district that is shaped by physical invitations for urban play, demonstrating strategies of resilience, inclusiveness, and authenticity. Infrastructure and infill projects and programs will activate public space, streets and sites within the district, with the goal of contributing to a high-functioning, socially responsive and environmentally regenerative city. We will apply lessons learned from our summer travels and from our interactions with Gehl Architects as inspiration to plan and design an artful, walkable, bikeable, and playful public realm, a livable and lovable community.

During the term, our Master Studio will benefit from the involvement of Bianca Hermansen from Gehl Architects, who has interacted with our ScanlDesign studios as the Master Teacher for the past four years.  Throughout the quarter, we’ll build on the Copenhagen study tour by employing and expanding on Gehl’s 15 Quality Criteria as we develop our planning and design proposals for the urban public realm. You will also be encouraged to creatively engage ecological considerations and such challenges and opportunities as urban intensification, affordability, habitat protection and climate change mitigation and adaptation. We’ll interact with professionals and stakeholders who are involved in the visioning, planning and design for the district and consider the voices of diverse current and future users.

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