Helle Soholt: Toward a Walkable Seattle, April 2009
Louise Grassov: There is More to Walking than Walking, October 2008
Lars Gemzoe: Public Spaces for Public Life, April 2008
Birgitte Svarre – Gehl Architects – 12 Quality Criteria Lecture
Lars Gemzoe – Gehl Architects – New City Life CPH Lecture
Lykke Leonardsen – Cloudburst Plan Lecture
Living Community Challenge 2015

General Copenhagen Links:
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General Seattle Links:
Seattle Green Factor
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Seattle Bicycle Master Plan
Seattle Bands of Green Plan

Outside Resources:
Neighborhood for People
NYC Gehl Report
Great Streets
Denmark Bicycle Parking Manual
Downtown Seattle Pedestrian Environment Study
Gehl Architects 12 Quality Criteria
Carlsberg Competition

Other Links:
SCAN|DESIGN Foundation Website
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